Almost every indoor revolving ski slope uses some form of reservation or registration. Many people are using their homemade excel sheets. So there is actually a need for professional software which can help you manage your ski slopes. Thicor Services BV comes with a simple and affordable solution:

TrackManager is a software application for companies with indoor revolving ski slopes to facilitate the management, scheduling and billing of skislopes and appointments. Thicor has developed an application that goes beyond documenting customer names and reservations of ski slopes. Due to the well-organized customer database, easy ski slope reservation scheme, perpetual calendar, simple billing module and the ability to turn out a variety of reports, it is worth an investment. TrackManager is the most comprehensive and flexible application which is specially made for indoor revolving ski slopes. The application is designed and realized in cooperation with Indoorski & Snowboard Den Bosch, The Netherlands and has now been used for almost 10 years.

4 reasons to choose TrackManager!

  1. Ski slope management, customer database and billing all in one application, making billing errors a thing of the past.
  2. Within the customer database you can create separate groups, such as friends, teachers etc, but every customer can still make individual reservations.
  3. You have the possibility of creating many types of reports, clearly and well formatted.
  4. You can use TrackManager at multiple locations. For Instance, you can do your administration from your home while at your indoor ski center reports are being created and reservations are being made from behind the bar. All in the same application. 

The solution for track management

TrackManager is our solution for the management of tracks (or dry ski slopes) where an activity is done in a fixed period of time, usually under supervision of a teacher. We will show you the many possibilities of TrackManager down below.

Getting started

When you start up TrackManager you see a login screen for entering your username and password. Without an username and password, you can not start TrackManager. Every username has his own permissions. Clicking Logging in displays more information about logins. If you enter an incorrect password 3 times, TrackManager will close.

Track Management

The main screen of TrackManager shows a calendar. For quick access of a specific date, you can click a day, a month or a year. The list of selected customers below the calender will show you the clients that will be affected by your actions when you use the buttons below that. The colors used indicate what activity someone will be doing and which level he or she has achieved in that activity. Use the memo field at the bottom of the page to add a note.

Clicking Track management in the Features menu displays more information about track management.

Group management

The tab Groups shows a list of all existing groups and their members. Assigning clients to groups facilitates making multiple reservations at once. You don’t need to make a reservation for each person separately. If a customers comes alone, you can assign him to his own group. Select a group by clicking the list and then type the group name. Each group can have a primary contact so you know who to contact if something affect a whole group. Using the appointment buttons, the appointments will directly appear in your calendar.

Clicking Group management in the Features menu displays more information about group management.

Finance management

The tab Finance lets you quickly create default invoices. If an invoice is fully paid at once, you can mark the invoice as paid by pressing the button “Pay invoice”. For more advanced invoice handling you press the button “Manage Invoices” and a new window will appear with more options.

Clicking Finance management in the Features menu displays more information about finance management.


The tab Reports allows you to create a variaty of reports easily. For instance, you can create an overview of all booked lessons from a customer or a group. An overview of all outstanding invoices of a group can be made as well. TIP: Create, at the beginning of the day, an overview of all open invoices of customers which are coming “today”.

Clicking Report managementin the Features menu displays more information about reporting.

Would you like to have more specific information about TrackManager? Click on Features for an overview of all possible screens with some explanation. Or you can go directly to the screen of your interest by clicking the Features menu on the top of this page.