Track management

After starting up TrackManager the main window appears.

The main window of TrackManager shows a calendar in the upper left of the window. You can easily select another day, month or year. The buttons below the calendar send you to a day, a week or a month ahead or back or directly to the current day. The selected date is indicated at the top to avoid mistakes. Underneath the calendar, in the “Current Selection” panel, is displayed which person or group was selected last.

Below the “Current Selection” panel you can see the date, time and track which were selected last. With the buttons at the bottom left of your screen you can perform actions on those who are listed in the window above. For example creating, deleting or moving an appointment. The exclamation marks on the button “Client: create appointment” indicate that you are about to create a double booking at the same time and track for a customer. This can be used when a client wants to reserve more than one place for himself. To reserve an entire track you can block it after the customer has made his booking. After that it is not possible to book any more appointments, until you unblock. Also, see the feature Menus.

The colors indicate what activity someone will be doing and which level he has achieved in that activity. You can choose the colors freely in the settings window. See also the feature Settings, the tab Lesson Types and the tab Levels. The notebook (memo) at the bottom is context sensitive, that means that you can specify separate notes by page, tab, day, group or client, depending on the tab and day you are on.